I am trained in a variety of modalities to maximize your therapeutic benefit...

Swedish Massage: a great start to any therapeutic journey! Whether 30 minutes on the shoulders or a 60 minute body session..moving at a slow pace, long gliding strokes can  transform a person from stressed to stress-free!

Deep Tissue Massage: looking for something with a little more pressure? Deep tissue may be the right choice for you. Using deeper pressure with circular friction deep tissue massage can loosen even the tightest of muscles! 

Trigger Point Therapy: Similar to deep tissue massage...trigger point therapy targets  "trigger points". Trigger points are sensitive spots within the muscle or surrounding  tissue that refer tenderness to other places in the body. These are known as "knots". 

Hot Stone Massage: Heated to the perfect temperature, warm basalt stones are placed  evenly over the body to penetrate deep moist heat into the muscles. If you wake up stiff  every day or feel sore after a work-out, than this therapy may be right for you.

30 Minute Session (upper-body or lower back) - $40 

60 Minute Session (specialized session or full-body) - $65

To ensure safety, ALL sessions are individualized based on a preliminary assessment, intake form and health history.

If you would like to set up an appointment with me or have any questions about massage, click on "Contact Me".